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NLP | Software for the brain | NLP is Fun

A Neuro linguistic programmer knows that NLP is software for the brain. With this being said NLP software is valuable, works well and yields a great result.

So many of us have been taught that to yield a great result we must work hard.
This programming was taught perhaps as a way to enforce the idea of laborers in time gone by.

This does not apply to NLP:
NLP is Easy
NLP is Fast
NLP is Efficient
NLP is Valuable
You can make a change using Neuro linguistic programming. Many people have changed an unconscious pattern easily in minutes that had been a massive problem for years.

Nowadays we have learned that working effectively is about focus.
The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris, discussed cutting out most of the clutter in your life.
When you focus on what is really important, it can be easy and also valuable. You can become more efficient:
with your time
with your effort
with your resources

Perhaps then, if you wanted to create a change and it was really important to you, you might make it a priority ?

NLP | Simplifying NLP | NLP is Fun

As an NLP Practitioner you become mindful of your state, quickly realizing that "State is everything".
In NLP we speak of Internal representations. This meaning how you "re present" information inside your own head.
(Your version of reality).

The Neuro part of Neuro linguistic programming is about your sensory experience:
Your Neurology
Your Nervous system
How your unconscious mind responds automatically using sensory experience.

This includes how your body automatically responds:
Embarrassment may change your face colourNervous may give you a twitch Anger may cause you to speak faster, turn red or shout and more..Love may cause you to smileAnticipation may make your heart beat fasterand so on ..

So Internal representations conscious or unconscious can cause a physiological response.
And changing a physiological response can change state.

For instance, I can shift your attention to just pointing to a thing that symbolizes something else. Or I can use words. Both are …