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NLP | 10 Secrets of Persuasive communicators | NLP is Fun

As an NLP Practitioner you will learn that people have their own way of interpreting their realities. If you are trained in Neuro linguistic programming, the first thing you are taught is to understand another persons "Model of the world".
In today's NLP Blog, I am sharing 10 Secrets of Persuasive communicators on NLP is Fun.

In all great communication, a dialogue is a pleasant shared experience with a intentional destination.
As a Practitioner of Neuro linguistic programming you have the chance to be extremely specific in how you persuade others using:
Your Body Language
Your energy and personal power
Your Linguistics.
You can also consistently calibrate how you are matching by the unconscious feedback they are giving you through signals from their body positioning, energy, words.
Here are a few things to consider in persuasive communication:

You have a plan that includes the following:
It always feels great = In NLP we call this Rapport. The conversation is flowing nicely between all participants.
It will easily reach its intended destination without obstruction. No matter what they say, or tactics they throw at you, you stay focused on the end goal and never detour.
You know both parties being happy and satisfied with the journey and destination, is essential. This is true pacing and leading.
You have in mind the goal of their satisfaction always. They are so satisfied that they will want to engage with you, more frequently in other destinations too.

Here are some ways persuasive communicators ensure effective communication.

1. They are continually improving, from a mindset of: Improvement means Improved opportunities.
They consistently study, learn new info, practice and invest in their own self improvement.

2. They always raise their own bar, they have goals and constantly review and challenge their own limitations.

3. They know that to influence any one else one must  always first influence themselves.

4. They never allow rejection to hypnotize them from their desired outcome.

5. They always seek a solution, even in the most bleak of circumstances.

6. They believe the more you learn, the more you earn.

7. They are driven by achievement and the prosperous rewards of achieving, that ensure a higher standard of quality in their lives.

8. They expect challenges, and they are prepared to conquer them.

9. They are expert at focused attention and attainment of their clearest intentions. They listen, learn  and understanding the intentions of the people they are communicating with.

10. They match the best that they have to offer to the expressed strongest desires of the person they are communication with.

When you are serious about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, you will regularly improve.

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