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NLP Language pattern | Rear Loaded Suggestions | NLP is Fun

Our NLP Blog is Featuring a Hypnotic Language pattern today. This is a real example of how NLP is Fun and easy to learn. Your Neuro linguistic programming skills become fluent once you "chunk it down" by learning something new for your NLP Tool box consistently.

Rear Loaded Suggestions:
1.Do you prefer learning this pattern now or later ... pick the easiest one ?
2.Maybe you would like to be fluent in NLP ... Just do it bit by bit
3.You can imagine how great that would feel couldn't you ... close your eyes and Imagine it now
4.Rome wasn't built in a day ... Remember that
5.Starting a new project always feels exhilarating ... Give it a whirl, one step at a time
6.Learning NLP would put you head and shoulders over the competition ... feel the win and stay on top
7. Now you imagine one or two examples of your own ... Get stuck in !
8.Practice makes perfect .. Fancy that
9.Its really easy once you get going ... have a go
10. Challenge yourself and win .. Let's do…

NLP | 10 Secrets of Persuasive communicators | NLP is Fun

As an NLP Practitioner you will learn that people have their own way of interpreting their realities. If you are trained in Neuro linguistic programming, the first thing you are taught is to understand another persons "Model of the world".
In today's NLP Blog, I am sharing 10 Secrets of Persuasive communicators on NLP is Fun.

In all great communication, a dialogue is a pleasant shared experience with a intentional destination.
As a Practitioner of Neuro linguistic programming you have the chance to be extremely specific in how you persuade others using:
Your Body Language
Your energy and personal power
Your Linguistics.
You can also consistently calibrate how you are matching by the unconscious feedback they are giving you through signals from their body positioning, energy, words.
Here are a few things to consider in persuasive communication:

You have a plan that includes the following:
It always feels great = In NLP we call this Rapport. The conversation is flowing nice…

NLP | D.V.P Pattern | NLP is Fun

One of the great things about Neuro linguistic programming, is that you have a chance to get clear with yourself about what you are hoping to achieve. This means you can also become a better communicator.
As a rule, the clearer you are, the more powerful you become. In order to get clear in the first place, you must go beyond a vague outline of what you desire..

If you have an interest in using NLP as a strategy you must connect to all of the information, organize, prioritize and understand exactly what you mean. We call this being fully Associated  to our outcome.
When you do this you will become very clear in fine tuning your communication internally (In your own mind) and externally (While speaking to others).

This is so important to gain leverage in persuading anyone that you are serious about your outcome.
When you are clear about the outcome and you can then learn to believe in it.
Then achieving it, is a natural conclusion for everyone.

Have you ever had a conversation with somebody w…