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What would you do if you were not afraid | NLP is Fun

What would you do if you were not afraid ?
That is the question of all questions isn't it.
You may have heard this before many, many times and so much so that you have not yet talked the time to think about it.
It is a great question though, isn't it because .. what would you do if you were not afraid ?

And when are you likely to change this. In this Video I ask some pretty thought provoking questions. Check it out.

Next question:
Do you really want it ?
Don't you think it would be fun trying to achieve it ?

Imagine something great for yourself instead.
The Self love Process online course Here

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You can do it | NLP is Fun

To live an extraordinary life one must have an incredible relationship with your internal representations.
What you Say, What you think, the pictures you play and What you believe inside your head all make a massive difference to your success.

NLP is all about engaging with yourself differently for the sole purpose of reprogramming your Unconscious mind which is in charge of how effectively you naturally do things.
To be effective in using NLP patterns is Magic dust because you can shift your Neurology in a Jiffy.
Here is a simple formula:
Feel Great results in more Motivation and Enthusiasm powerful results through a Filter of "Can do" and Possibility.

Feeling Bad results in a downward spiral and low motivation, Filtering is "Cannot and don't know".
You can tell how people feel by the way they speak and hold themselves.
It feels bad to be around people who constantly feel bad and it feels great to be around people who constantly feel great.
Of course if you  feel bad m…

Who is to Blame | NLP is Fun

I was reminded by an Info graphic on Face book about putting your power into the hands of other people.
Specifically about being afraid of what other people think about you.
The presupposition being an idea that Other peoples opinion of you is more important than what you think about you.
We have in many ways been taught that as an unconscious lesson.
It is however a powerless position, because you are then seemingly at the mercy of people and their good or bad Judgment about you.

What if they don't like you
What if they don't like what you do
What if they don't like what you say
Does that mean you are not good enough ?
In NLP we would say good enough compared to whom ( this can be a great clue to what the underlying fear is)
Surely this is exhausting !

I had a lot to say about this because I used to care so much about what people thought about me.
It was an endless parade of trying to fit into the parameters of what they (People) deemed acceptable for me.
But the trouble is the Goal p…