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Powerful Suggestions | NLP is Fun

Today I would like to speak about the importance of how you can use powerful suggestions for yourself and others while in Hypnosis.
I have drawn inspiration from Kirin webb 's Language pattern Bible which I highly recommend.

Kerin speaks about How Dick Sutphen uses "Power words" and Direct suggestions in his Hypnotherapy Audios.
I am a Fan of Dick Sutphen and had the chance to Interview him many years ago. He was made to be a Hypnotherapist with his easy and powerful Hypnotic intention and delivery.

I also use Power words in my own client work and it can be a super extension to maximize Affirmations while embedding them into the unconscious mind. The fact that you are delivering them in altered states is Everything. Well we already know the power of Hypnosis.

This changes your Neurology instantly and begins the deliberate process of shifting limitations in your old way of doing things.
Now you can get into the frequency of what you really want.
Tada ! What could be better, that…
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Protection Self Help Motivation - 11 Musts to Upgrading an Insurance Agent's Career - Guidance

Protection self improvement inspiration begins the first day. Your protection specialist's vocation direction isn't given by the project supervisor. Here are 11 impetus approaches to touch off your protection self improvement inspiration abilities into a compensating protection operators vocation.

Figuring out how to apply protection self improvement inspiration is the significant boundary going up against a protection operator's vocation. A business expert will self persuade himself with a solid interior course. This star definitely knows no ifs, ands or buts that his adaptable introduction will get a deal if the conditions of the correct deal exist. Be that as it may when you are beginning your protection specialists vocation the protection world conveys a strange place persona.


Quickly utilizing self-improvement inspiration maintains a strategic distance from having a protection deals vocation destined to disappointment by d…

What Do Self Help, Motivation, and Self Worth Have in Common?

The expression self improvement is utilized a ton nowadays. There are a larger number of items and projects than you can practically tally. A large number of these materials, whenever utilized the manner in which they are prescribed would improve your life. So what keeps us from accomplishing the work it takes? What's simply the mystery for applying or amplifying these self improvement programs?

Self improvement Motivation!

Everything comes down to this a certain something: your inspiration - having something that drives you toward progress. It is totally vital that you have the internal inspiration to push your life ahead in a positive manner. We can't mention to you what it is that will spur you, every individual is extraordinary - everybody has various needs. Since what propels you may not spur another person it's fundamental to find your very own inspirations. When found, these sparks will help you adequately utilize the following self improvement item you buy


An Anxiety Self Help Motivation Tip That Really Works

In case you're perusing this article you most likely have mornings where it's hard to wake up and testing to assemble the vitality to get up. Are there days when you can't envision going to work? Furthermore, perhaps you have encountered evenings that you can't find a good pace there are things you stress over that you can't escape your head. This consistent stress and stress turns into a cycle which is hard to break. You may be considering what you can do to escape this stress cycle. That is the place this important uneasiness self improvement inspiration tip come in to play.

Breaking the Cycle

Past to breaking any cycle you need some measure of inspiration. With no inspiration there is no drive, no motivation to push you ahead. All things considered, it's fundamental to initially comprehend that there are two sorts of inspiration.

The first is somewhat inspiration is outward inspiration, which is gathered all things considered. We look outside of ourselves f…

The Conscious Mind | NLP is Fun

In Neuro Linguistic programming we speak of The Conscious mind and the Unconscious mind, If you would like to learn about the unconscious mind then you can do so by clicking here   and also on this NLP is Fun post I wrote about programming your unconscious mind.

The Conscious Mind is about real time awareness it is a state of awareness that is about your focused attention, what you are focusing on at the moment.
And also this description is an example of what it could be and what we mean when we use it. We use it as a metaphor because it is a practical way to use language to describe an experience.

The Conscious mind would also represent chunking down into details like when we use the Meta Model for example, as opposed to the Milton Model which we use Chunking Up in ambiguity for the most part.

When we speak of The Conscious Mind we mean attention to Stimulus of what is happening inside (in detail) and Outside (In Detail).

You may have heard an NLP Practitioner say the Conscious mind is th…

More about your Unconscious Mind | NLP is Fun

Neuro linguistic Programming is about making sure you have more options and choices available to you at any given time.
One of the most important presuppositions then is to understand our objective is to program the Unconscious mind to be even more effective for our desired outcome.

I have written about how to "Program your unconscious mind" here  in this post I will give a few tips about what your unconscious mind is busy doing.
If your Conscious mind is a wallet, your unconscious mind is your Luggage.

The unconscious mind has stored All experience. Including experience that has been experienced "Out of consciousness"
The Unconscious mind works well to help you, and is using previously programmed information. your most frequent filtering and beliefs.
in order to change a belief it must be reprogrammed in your unconscious mind.

As you may know all transformation is created by adjusting how you do your unconscious process and the goal is to overload the critical faculty an…

2019 New Year and New You !

Happy New Year and Happy New You !
Here is to your most amazing year Ever
From me Nadia Harper to you

Filled with everything your heart desires and Oodles more.
May Your Self Image allow you to achieve every thing you love
May your unconscious mind be congruent in what you desire
May your internal dialogue reflect a high expectation for your Outcomes

Let us just decide right this minute This will be Our Best year Ever and so it is !!
Happy 2019
And most of all Thank you for sticking with me and my Little Blog NLP is Fun through all these years. I love you and I appreciate you completely
As you already know this year will be our absolute Best!

Let's go !!!

Happy Thanks giving | NLP is Fun |

Happy Thanks giving, albeit belated.

The week before Thanks giving, i was thinking about the Salutation:
In great detail actually.
It impressed me as a super Hypnotic suggestion.

Happy = experience happiness
Thanks = be grateful
Giving = share what you have to offer
When i think of this i can focus on Thanksgiving with a solid intention.
An intention to provide service happily.

This Thanksgiving i was determined to do just that.
The beauty of it is that with this attitude magic happened and i probably had one of my best Thanksgivings.

There is something quiet humbling in this for me.

How about you, what would you like to share about your own experience.